Rev Derwyn and pastoral intern Margaret Hogarth offer an abbreviated version of the Ash Wednesday service in this video.

The backbone of the Ash Wednesday liturgy is Psalm 51. In this first service of the season of Lent, worshippers are led in a time of solemn contemplation of this poetic confession and are encouraged to make it their own. But how does one do this? How can these 3,000 year old words be relevant to us as 21st century Christians? Rev Derwyn explores this question by describing four perspectives that can be seen in the church in general and are likely seen in our own congregation.

As you consider these four perspectives, ask yourself which one resonates with you the most? Do you know of anyone who would likely describe one of the other perspectives as the one they'd relate to? How might differences in perspective affect how you relate to each other? Do you have trouble with any of these perspectives?