Welcome to The Church of the Good Shepherd!

The Church of the Good Shepherd has had a ministry on the west side of Calgary since the early 1960's. The Church is not a building or an organization, or even a program . . . it is a people. We strive to be inclusive so no one feels a stranger for long. We believe it is important to be a parish family welcoming to all races, cultures, genders, and sexual orientation. As Christians of differing perspectives, convictions, and practices, we celebrate in our worship together the love of Christ for one another. Our vision is to be a people who welcome all unconditionally into a community of peace and love where renewal through worship and deepening spiritual practices will equip all with a spirituality for everyday life no matter where your daily travels may take you: into classroom, office, hospital, malls, our homes . . . all the places we live Monday to Saturday. We care about everyone's need for community, for spiritual growth and for love. We believe these things are available through our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and one another. 

We are a family committed to growing in faith and to serving others as apostles of Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd.