Being part of the Christian Church means to be one on a journey of faith. This faith is historical, centred on the person and work of Jesus Christ, and is living, in that we grow and develop in it. This growth is experienced through personal spiritual disciplines or "holy habits" and the sacramental and liturgical rites of the Church. This pattern of growth is reflected in the practices of the Church of the Good Shepherd as we encourage people to keep their eyes on Jesus as they make this journey.


This is the entry point to the Church. From the beginning, baptism in water was the public sign that a person was being identifed as a follower of Jesus Christ, and we continue that significant tradition. As Anglicans, we baptise people of all ages, from infants to the elderly, and celebrate this landmark event with them as a congregation. Baptism is more than a simple rite of passage and yet is not the end-all and be-all of the Christian experience, either. Instead, it marks the beginning of a life growing in Christ and opens the door for the privilege of receiving the bread and wine of the Eucharist.


Associated with Baptism, Confirmation is the rite that acknowledges that a person who was baptized as a very young child has indeed made the Christian faith their own. Typically offered when the age of 12 is reached, confirmands are taught key concepts of the faith before being confirmed by the Bishop of Calgary in a special service. For those who are older and were baptized by their own conscious choice, Confirmation can happen much sooner. Confirmation is also the way in which a person who was raised in a different Christian denominational tradition is formally identified as an Anglican.

For more information about Baptism and Confirmation at Good Shepherd, please contact Rev Derwyn at or 403-932-8536.

Children's Christian Education

As our children grow, we recognize the need to offer the opportunity for them to learn more about Jesus, the Christian faith, and the Bible. Long before the Confirmation process formally occurs, our kids can attend our Sunday School program which is part of our 10:00 am Sunday services. 

For details, please check our Children's Ministries page, or speak with Holly Young.

Adult Christian Education

It is important that ongoing opportunities for teens and adults be provided to encourage the life-long journey of faith. Naturally, worship on Sunday morning and the sermons that are part of those services are important to this. You can review sermons you might have missed or can review ones that made you really think by visiting our Sermon Library, where you can listen online or download the MP3 to your device.

But in addition to the Sunday services, from time to time other educational courses and programs are made available. Some of these might be one-off special events with a guest speaker, and others will be offered as multiple-session series conducted every week or two.