Music has always been an important part of Christian worship, and at Good Shepherd, we value the strong musical tradition of the Church. We enjoy singing and how music helps to lead us in our worship by providing a sensory and emotional context for the various themes we explore in our liturgy. Our Minister of Music, Jason Barnsley, takes the lead in our musical expressions of prayer and praise, and we look forward to the ongoing development of our capacity in this important area.

Vocal Choir

Leading the congregation through the liturgical musical pieces and providing the foundation for the hymns we sing, our vocal choir performs a vital role in our 10:00 am Sunday service. Along with this leadership, the choir also performs an anthem from time to time during which we all can sit and listen while the lyrics wash over us. During the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Easter, the choir becomes even more prominent as special services are held with music at the centre.

Rehearsals are open to those who are interested in serving in this capacity. During the academic year (Sep-Apr), the choir practices on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm. After Easter, when things become more relaxed, the choir meets for shorter rehearsals after the 10:00am service on Sunday.

If you are interested in learning more about our vocal choir, please contact Jason Barnsley at

The Shepherd Bells Handbell Choir

A newer addition to the musical opportunities at Good Shepherd, we are pleased to offer a beginner's handbell choir, the Shepherd Bells. Under the direction of Annie Hergott, a former president of the Alberta Guild of English Handbell Ringers and chair of the Bow River Handbell Musicians Society (BRHMS), this choir is open for anyone interested in learning this amazing instrument. No prior musical knowledge is necessary! The Shepherd Bells play in our 10:00am Sunday services about three times a year.

Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings at 5:00pm until mid-June. Following the summer break, keep your eyes open for announcements about when the choir resumes practices in September.

For more information on how you can get involved in the Handbell Choir, please contact Wanda Costinak at