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We've now reopened the parish and have resumed worshipping together again. Of course, this isn't just a case of scheduling services and throwing the doors open. Due to our need to remain vigilant and careful in light of the pandemic, there are a number of protocols that we must have in place in the conduct of our services.

The video below is a walkthrough of what you can expect when you come to worship with us in this season. At present, we are not requiring that anyone indicate in advance that they intend to attend, so you're invited to join us this Sunday. Please take a look at the video to get up to speed on how it will work.

We recognize that tweaks will likely have to be made as we go and we are hopeful that some of the restrictions we must put in place now will be relaxed in the near future, so this video may soon have some parts in it that are obsolete. Nevertheless, it's a good starting point to prepare everyone for our long-awaited return to congregational worship.

See you Sunday!