EPIPHANY 2 - Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18; John 1:35-51

The five remaining Sundays of the season of Epiphany will explore what we can call the five "vital signs" of the Body of Christ. Just as our real vital signs signal our physical health, in a similar way these five things indicate how well the church is doing in living out its mission as representatives of Jesus Christ.

The first vital sign is Evangelism. Often misunderstood and feared as a coercive thing to do, evangelism is actually neither of those things--or at least it shouldn't be. Revisiting the fact that evangelism simply means sharing good news, Rev Derwyn encourages an approach that should help us see that evangelism does not need to be a threatening thing to do, but is instead a natural extension of inviting others to find the good that we've discovered in our practice of faith.