EASTER 2 - 1 Kings 1:32-37, 39-40; Psalm 72:1-14; Philippians 2:1-8; Matthew 5:13-16

It has been a tradition on the weekend of the commemoration of St. George for the King's Own Calgary Regiment to have a church parade at St. Stephen's Anglican Church, where the side chapel is dedicated to the Regiment. As Rev Derwyn is the Regimental Chaplain for the King's Own, he is responsible for speaking at this service. Parish Council decided not to hold services at Good Shepherd on this day and instead invited the congregation to attend the service at St. Stephen's so that we could join with our Anglican brothers and sisters and participate in this noteworthy event. The video here is from the St. Stephen's live stream of the entire service. If you wish to get to the sermon alone, it runs from the 19:10 mark to 33:28.