EASTER 5 - Acts 11:1-18; John 13:31-35

NOTE: Due to an embarrassing technical glitch in which I forgot to ensure there was enough room on the camera's SD card, the video recording stops at the 20:25 mark. However, the main audio feed continues. So, rather than try to re-record the entire sermon or just the part that's missing, the video will feature a still shot for the remainder of the sermon. I'll probably pick a suitably silly shot to illustrate how I feel about this rookie mistake.  - Rev Derwyn Costinak

Even though it is an ancient book, the Bible is valuable and relevant to us today in part because it sets us on a trajectory of a developing understanding of the nature of God, of the character of the Divine. This trajectory of development is already displayed within the pages of Scripture itself and serves to direct us in our ongoing discovery of God, now 2,000 years removed from the writing of the Bible. In this sermon, Rev Derwyn illustrates how this trajectory ought to inform us about how we invite and include others in the life of the Church.